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Arcade1Up 17" Monitor Upgrade HDMI/VGA LCD Kits

Item No.: VCB29
This Kit suits for 17" LCD monitor in many Arcade1Up games.Upgrade your monitor in VGA or HDMI video from
a Raspberry pi, 60-in-1 Jamma Board, Pandona's Jamma Board and multigame board.

Arcade1Up 17" Monitor Upgrade HDMI/VGA LCD Kits 

This kits can work with "M170ETN01 1" and "M170ETN01.1" LCD monitor in the early Arcade 1Up 17 inch monitors.But it cannot support " DV170YGZ-N10" monitor. Please check the model number of your monitor before ordering.


Letting your arcade 1up 17 inch monitor in HDMI or VGA output.To work with raspberry pi or jamma board. It is easy to mod the lcd parts without changing monitor.

Kit Includes:
1. LCD driver board
2. Menu button board + cable
3. VGA input cable
4. VGA gender changer
5. HDMI converter with 3.5mm audio out
6. 3.5mm"aux" audio cable
7. 12V power input cable w/ standard 5.5mm "tip positive" barrel connector