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Brook PS3 PS4 PC Audio Fighting Board

Item No.: BR03
MOQ:50 sets

Brook continues it's Gaming Series PCB, Universal Fighting Board follow up with the PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board.
Besides the difference in cost, the PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board adds a break out PCB that houses a USB-B Port and headphone jack with support audio for the PS4 portion. 
A soldered 20-pin allows super easy and fast connection for your push buttons, control and joystick when using our custom Quick Connect 20-pin Harness. 


The UFB automatically detects PS4 and PS3 consoles when connected via USB. Notable features include:
  • PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch (via firmware update) and PC control
  • Firmware upgradeable system via USB connection.  Please see "Support" tab for links to latest firmware and additional wiring information.
  • No 8 minute timeout reset needed.
  • XINPUT Mode (when applicable).
  • Two Analog stick Support
  • SOCD Cleaner support via pin connector (J15).
  • Screw terminal for solderless connections.
  • 20 pin (2x10) housing for future expansion or connection to other PCBA.
  • JST and pin headers available for VCC, player 1-4 LEDs, RS, DP and LS mode, touch pad, touch pad button, Turbo button, and alternative USB output connector. 
  • Near identical form factor and connections to Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers makes installation familiar to most joystick builders.