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Arcade Joysticks

8-Way Flight Stick Joystick with 2 Buttons

Item No.: JS53

This 8-way joystick has a molded Flight-Stick top with 2 built in buttons - great for flying games!

  • Flight Stick Top with 2 Buttons

  • Standard 0.187" / 4.8mm  switch connectors like regular joysticks

  • Wires: Black is common, Red is the front trigger/fire button, White is the top/hat button

  • Joystick is 5" from the top of the mounting plate to the top of the joystick. 
    Mounting plate: 9,6 x 6.4 cm
    Mounting holes: 47 and 79 mm appart

  • Similar to the Ultimarc MiniGrip Stick