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Arcade 1Up upgrade kit

Arcade1Up Raspberry pi installed

Item No.: A1UP01
Makes your Arcade 1Up cabinet to play more games.

How to make your Arcade 1Up cabinet play more games?

The Arcade 1Up cabinet usually comes with 2-3 games in it.But if you want to play another game or more games,how do you do? Buy another arcade 1up cabinet? We don't think so. Why not upgrade your arcade 1up cabinet? To make your cabinet play more games. Let's go!



1. Arcade 1Up Monitor Mod


Uses a lcd converter board to upgrade your arcade 1up monitor with hdmi output.

2. Arcade 1Up Control Panel Mod

Arcade 1up cabinet comes with normal and poor quality buttons and joysticks.If you want to upgrade them,it is easy for an usb encoder to connect the led buttons and joysticks,to make your arcade 1up cabinet much beautiful.

And this usb encoder can work with raspberry pi,download the games you like online.

3. Arcade 1Up Stereo Mod

Arcade 1up cabinet didn't build with audio,you can use the speakers,but it needs a small amp.It simply run from 3.5mm audio jack from raspberry pi into the amp. Then connect the speaker to the amp,this will give you sound for all the games.