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Pandoras Box DX Family Version 3000 in 1 Games

Item No.: GB24
3A has released its newest PB, the DX!
  • Up to 5000 additional games can be added threw U Disk
  • Support 3d games
  • Support add FBA/MAME/PS1/SFC/SNES/FC.Mega Drive game
  • Support 3P/4P games
  • Resolution:1280*720p/   640*480p
  • Pause function:free mode and coin mode can be pause
  • Save game progress function
  • High score record
  • Add scan line function
  • Languge switch: English/ Korean/ Spanish
  • USB interface(use U disk to add games)
  • Game classification function
  • Start movie switch function
  • Built-in speaker switch function
  • Continuous shooting function
  • HDMI VGA ouptut(when HDMI & VGA are insert at the same time, only HDMI single is output)
  • Custom button support for up to 8 buttons
  • These are bare units as shown. You will need to add whatever harness you need to connect. Family 0.110 0r Family 0.187 or Jamma to Family